About us

It has been said that astrologers make predictions, but they are never detailed. That is to say it’s inaccurate to some extent. According to the organization “Spiritual Science Research Foundation“, Astrology is about 30% accurate. Is Astrology a pseudo science an art or something else? This site will give more insight to these subjects.

Predictable forecasting?

This site will show how astrologers claim to be able to forecast human events just by observing the sun and stars. People are fascinated by the fact that celestial bodies are claimed to be able to provide a map of future events. Nobody is quite sure if or why astrology works in life, but there is certainly a connection to life, science and arts.

Some people put their faith in astrology for both the small stuff and the big things. From where to buy the groceries, and what movie to watch, to the most crucial decisions like relationship and financial decisions. For many people it goes far beyond just reading the zodiac signs.

Astrology for gamblers

Some gamblers even try using Astrology to the test at the casino, hoping to put it to use for their own gain. Some will just use it to figure out what date they will be most lucky, and make sure to visit the casino that particular date. Others will take it one step further, using it to predict the numerical outcome in games such as roulette, blackjack, poker, slot machines, and other typical games commonly found at online casinos. A comprehensive to Kiwi casinos are offered by CasinoGuide.NZ. Please gamble carefully, remember onyl to play for fun.