Can astrology assist you in a casino?

When it comes to good fortunate and gambling, people will use any means necessary in order to accomplish success. The truth is that gamblers of very specific with what their needs are. They may have all sorts of lucky clothes which they wear and they even have lucky slot machines. They even will only play certain table games when a certain member of staff is there. These are all normal things for a gambler.

What many people wonder about is the relationship between astrology and gambling. Instead of having a lucky keying or a lucky slot machine, can astrology assist someone in winning? Although the answer comes down to your own belief system, the fact of the matter is that there are many people who discover a correlation between their star signs, the stars and winning at the casino.

There are even gambling astrology charts which are used by gamblers, which help them to determine which times of the month they are going to be lucky. They will make use of these charts to determine which days they should gamble on. It is not uncommon for astrology to determine luck in gambling.

This makes logical sense, because if astrology can help in determining luck in other avenues of a person’s life such as their career or their love life, it would only make sense for astrology to also help determine things related to gambling luck. Many people believe that astrology can help them to win the lottery or win a big progressive jackpot at a casino.

People have tried and tested these methods and many people will tell you, that they did win on a certain day and at a certain because of astrology. We will however never know if astrology did or not actually play a part in their winnings.