Is Astrology a Science?

Astrology is a kind of science known as pseudo science, quite different from the natural sciences, and deals with beliefs. It is one of the oldest sciences. While some agree that it’s an ancient science, others some say it’s an ancient art. They argue that astrology doesn’t meet all the characteristics of science, even though it uses some scientific tools such as the star charts.

Ancient method

According to history Astrology was commonly used in academics, but have also been applied to a lot of professions, like the military. Astrologists claim to have a deeper understanding of the universe and how the stars can impact lives as well as different phenomena. They also claim to be able to predict the future, though the predictions are usually not very detailed. Astrology goes beyond horoscopes or the relationship between the moon, the activities of the planets and human behavior/activities on earth. It helps some people understand themselves, their potentials and abilities.

Astrology for different uses

Astrology is not to be misunderstood as people are still accountable for the choices they make and the actions they execute. Astrology is only meant to help people differentiate their choice, opportunities, blessings or curses, to choose between options and the exact time to execute actions, since astrology works with time and numbers. Astrology is diverse and is of different types, therefore it is used in relationships, work, health and weather. It is also used by casinos lovers.

Astrology and gambling

Many unfortunate gamblers have turned to astrology to seek guidance for what numbers to bet on to hit it big. Whether playing roulette, poker, blackjack, scratch-offs or slot machines, some extra luck and guidance can never hurt a gambler. Anyone can put astrology into use, since the sun and moon are visible and available to everyone.