Zodiac Traits of Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces

Every gambler is different. The zodiac sign could be a factor in their playing style and financial skills. Astrologers would, therefore, advise any gambler to check their Zodiac sign, to realize what the strengths and weaknesses typically could be. The games they would potentially do best in, and the strategies that could work for them, could be affected by this. 6 of the 12 Zodiac signs are further evaluated here.


Geminis are prone to gambling but are the most brutal gamblers because of their deceptive personality. Geminis have excellent learning skills. They can take up a challenge in any game. A Gemini would be especially good in games like poker, because of their deceptive personality.


They are easy going with vivid imaginations. When Playing with a Cancer born, do not be deceived by them because they are highly tenacious and persuasive. A Cancer-born will be a hard opponent to take down in games like Texas-hold’em and other versions of poker, as they can use their persuasiveness to bluff their opponents.


They tend to have an opinion about everything. Quite intellectual and keen minded and are not to be underestimated when in a game. Their best skill is being persuasive, and Poker is, therefore, one of the games a Libra-born could do well in.


Scorpio-born people are smart and are excellent at guessing. Trusting their guts is one of their best tools. They go for the winning team and the winning game. Slots and scratch-offs can be good alternatives for Scorpios based on their traits.


Sagittarius-born people are very focused and experimental. They also have very good counting skills. This makes them excellent in any card games, especially BlackJack.


Pisces are confident in their play and are very good in making decisions. These two strengths will normally take them far in any game in a casino.